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Welcome NBA Editing League! New Section just for the League!

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PostSubject: GENERAL SITE INFO (IMPORTANT TO READ)   Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:07 pm

So here are a few things you may need to know.

There is staff on this site. Their job is to make sure all things run smoothly and to make sure the rules are followed. The highest ranking staff are ADMINS the Admins as of RIGHT NOW are myself (Gambit), noahhammerman, degarts, and brianwissing. There will be 2 more admins, who will be clutchdigital and 541design.

Next are Super Mods. They hold the second most power. You are to listen to them if they tell you something you are doing is wrong, or against the rules.

Lastly are Mods they are also to be listened to, but if you disagree with them, you do not insult or ignore them, you consult and admin or super mod, and we will tell you the final verdict.

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF 1 MORE MOD and 2 MORE SUPER MODS. DO NOT ASK TO BE ONE. We will decide based on the behavior displayed by you, the members.

You may have noticed some people's names are colored. That displays their ranking. When a NORMAL MEMBER reaches 500 posts, they will be rewarded with an orange nameplate, making them a VET(as in Veteran).

So no that we handled that there is one more thing. Only post things about graphics in the graphics sections. Even if its about NBA graphics, don't put it in the basketball section, put it in the graphic lobby or where appropriate!

Okay that is all! Thanks for reading this important anouncement!
Gambit and the rest of the Graphic Outline staff.
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