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 3 Rules to Follow so you don't get Banned

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PostSubject: 3 Rules to Follow so you don't get Banned   Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:11 pm

Hi. There has been some recent disorder in the Forum, due to people not reading the Rules. It's time to pay attention folks.

1.) DO NOT DOUBLE POST- There is no need to post right after YOURSELF. Go back and edit your previous post, or wait til someone else posts.

2.) POST IN THE APPROPRIATE SECTION- It's not hard. If you have a question, message me via Instagram, Kik, or the PM's on here. We don't need to post our questions willy nilly all over the forums. And things regarding GRAPHICS, should go in the GRAPHIC section. There should be nothing about GRAPHICS outside of it.

3.) BE RESPECTFUL- simple enough to understand right?

Breaking a rule will result in an infraction 3 infractions will be a ban.

Hi! I'm just your friendly neighborhood bossman!
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3 Rules to Follow so you don't get Banned
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